"Our salon has continued to thrive as a result of our continued partnership with L'Oreal and Salon Emotion."

"Over the past two years, we have continued to implement both the physical elements and systems developed through Salon Emotion.

Salon Emotion helped our salon company think about the mindset of the client in different ways, creating a stronger bond between stylist and client. As a result, client retention and revenue have increased month over month. Our rebook percentage increased from 53% to 67%, we saw 430 referrals, and grew our RTS from 11% to 20%!

To experience JOY every time you write a bigger check for a stylist is a blessing. Salon Emotion has allowed us to implement systems and elements that normally wouldn't be attainable in smaller salons like ours, allowing us to compete and thrive."

Darren Wood
Ensemble Salon, West Linn, OR